Mountain Prominence Lists

What is prominence? As defined below, prominence is an alternate way of measuring mountains rather than the elevation above sea level, the most common measurement. The most prominent peaks are then generally the highest freestanding mountains that have a noticeable separation between them and nearby higher peaks. In a mountain range that runs for many miles the most prominent peak will be the highest point in the range.

How is Prominence Defined? It is the elevation difference between a peak and the lowest contour that encircles it and no higher summit. Prominence is the maximum "shoulder drop" a peak has. It is easiest to visualize by thinking of an island. Here the most prominent peak is obviously the highest point on the island and the prominence value is the peak height above sea level.

Research for the California lists presented here were done by Andy Martin, Edward Earl and Aaron Maizlish over a period of several years. The website, Lists of John, is also a valuable source for prominence data and covers the entire U.S. excluding Alaska. I have added additional data to the lists such as UTM cooordinates, township data and benchmark information. Data for British Isles Peaks is from Alan Dawson. Data for Norway from Petter Bjorstad.

Additional Information: Andy Martin publishes a book on U.S. County Highpoints that also lists the 50 most prominent peaks for the western states. Contact him at:

California Prominence List, 201 peaks, ranked down to about 1850 feet.

Primary List, UTM/Township List, Alpabetical List, Benchmark List.

Peak 2973 ft. A nice remote peak in the Coxcomb Mountains in southern California.

Monache Mountain, 9418 ft. A volcanic cone in the southern Sierra Nevada.

Granite Knob, 9060 ft. A short scramble with good views (near Monache Mtn.).

Cox Benchmark, 3035 ft. Another challenging climb in the Coxcomb Mountains.

Mission Benchmark, 3535 ft. A peak in the eastern Eagle Mountains.

Peak 4458 feet, (Buck Ridge), A remote peak in the Anza-Borrego Park.

Berryessa Peak, 3062 feet, The most prominent peak in Yolo County.

Garlock Benchmark, 4784 ft. In the El Paso Mountains, Kern County


Nevada Prominence List, 645 peaks, ranked down to 1000 feet.

Primary List

Peak 1941m, Highpoint of the East Pahranagat Range.

Bald Peak 8163 ft., a fun short hike in the Dolly Varden Mountains.


Death Valley National Park Peaks List, 112 peaks, Prominence values listed.

Primary List, Benchmark List, Range and Township List

Death Valley Back Roads map, by National Park Service, pdf file


San Diego County Prominence List, 41 peaks, ranked down to 1000 feet.

Primary List, Benchmark List


Miscellaneous Peaks

Scott Peak, 11,393 ft., Lemhi County, Idaho

Trapper Peak, 10,157 ft., Ravalli County, Montana, highpoint of the Bitterroot Range.

The following peaks are in Arizona.

Tordillo Mountain, 2170 ft. and Lighthouse Peak in Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge, Arizona.

Peak 1999 ft., in the Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge, a good, short climb in a great desert area.

Peak 1833 ft., yet another peak in the Cabeza Prieta Refuge close to the above peak.

Peak 1713 ft., A small pinnacle along the Camino del Diablo in the Cabeza Prieta Refuge.

Peak 1781 ft., In the northern part of the Sierra Pinta on the Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge.

Peak 3012 ft., In the Gila Mountains on the Barry M. Goldwater Marine Corps Test Range.

Peak 1474 ft., South end of Vopoki Ridge on the Barry M. Goldwater Marine Corps Test Range.

Peak 2580 ft., At the southern end of the Gila Mountains on the Barry M. Goldwater Marine Corps Test Range.

The following peaks are in Big Bend National Park in Texas.

Peak 3540 ft., A remote peak near the Rio Grande River.

Trap Mountain, 4125 ft., near the Mule Ears View Point.


Mexico, Baja California Prominence List, 56 peaks down to 2000 feet.

Primary List, GPS WayPoint File, GPS File in .gpx format


Britsh Isles Prominence Lists

England - 50 Prominent Peaks, GPS Waypoint File

Scotland - 51 Prominent Peaks, GPS Waypoint File

Wales - 50 Prominent Peaks, GPS Waypoint File


Other Foreign Prominence Lists

Norway - Top 100 Prominent Peaks (Petter Bjorstad site), GPS Waypoint File

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