Maine County High Points, benchmark data

Arranged alphabetically by county. There are 16 counties in Maine; but there are 18 peaks listed since two counties, Washington and York, have competing high points either of which could be the true highest peak.

Key to Column Headings:

ID = Sequential numbering. County = The name of the county. Peak Name = The name as shown on the topo map. A Pxxxx ft. with the elevation of the peak if it is not named on the map. Names in parentheses are alternate names for the peak. EL,ft = Elevation in feet. EL = How the elevation is shown on the map. A BM entry indicates a brass survey monument or benchmark is at the summit. Topo Map (7.5 min) = The topo map the peak is on. YR = The year of the topo map data was taken from. BM Name = The name stamped on the benchmark. PID = The Permanent Identifier used by the USGS to identify benchmarks. Date = The year the benchmark was first placed.

ID County Peak Name EL,ft EL Topo Map (7.5 min) YR BM Name PID Date
1 Androscoggin Shackley Hill 1122 Spot Canton 1967
2 Aroostook Peaked Mountain 2269 BM Round Mountain 1985 PEAKED MTN RF0740 1960
3 Cumberland P1880 ft 1880 Inter. Pleasant Mtn 1963
4 Franklin Sugarloaf Mountain 4250 BM(I) Sugarloaf Mountain 1989 SUGARLOAF None
5 Hancock Cadillac Mtn 1518 BM Seal Harbor 1983 MOUNT DESERT RESET PE1778 1902
6 Kennebec McGaffey Mountain 1315 Inter. Belgrade Lakes 1988
7 Knox Mount Megunticook 1385 Spot Camden 1991
8 Lincoln P760 ft 760 Inter. Razorville 1979
9 Oxford Old Speck Mtn LO 4170 Inter. Old Speck Mountain 1984
10 Penobscot East Turner Mountain 2456 Spot Katahdin Lake 1988
11 Piscataquis Mount Katahdin (Baxter Peak) 5266 BM Mount Katahdin 1988 N16 MC=KATAHDIN QG1448 1941
12 Sagadahoc Whitten Hill 635 Inter. Lisbon Falls North 1979
13 Somerset West Peak 4145 Spot The Horns 1989
14 Waldo Frye Mtn LO 1139 BM Morrill 1979 None
15 Washington Pleasant Mountain 1374 Spot Quillpig Mountain 1987
16 Washington (Alt.) P1375 ft 1375 Inter. Quillpig Mountain 1987
17 York Clark Mtn 1330 Inter. Cornish 1964
18 York (Alt.) Hosic Mtn 1320 Spot Cornish 1964