Photos of Condor Peak, Angeles National Forest, CA.
Looking south to Condor Peak. The trail can be seen going along the ridge then on the side of the mountain to the saddle left of the peak. Then follow a use trail up the ridge.
On Condor Peak looking north. Note the trail on the ridges that comes over from the road east of Iron Mountain.
Drive-in directions for Condor Peak, Iron Mountain and Fox Mountain: Take highway N3 north toward Palmdale from the Angeles Crest Highway. Turn left on the road to Mt. Gleason (3N17) and note the following mileages: Follow the rough, paved road up to Mt. Gleason and at 6.2 miles go left onto a dirt bypass around a Prison Camp. Climb up to a microwave tower and then go left at a junction on the right with a gate to Mt. Gleason at 8.8 miles. Go down a steep, narrow road and at 9.3 miles go left at a junction onto 3N32. At 9.4 miles at a junction for the Lightning Point Group Camp go right onto a dirt road. This road will end after 1.4 miles (10.8 miles overall) at a locked gate and small parking area. Start from here hiking on the dirt road descending to Indian Ben Saddle. From here you can ascend Iron Mountain or go left on roads and trails to Condor and Fox. Mt. McKinley, on the Lower Peaks List, is also accessible from this area by hiking west on the road past Iron Mountain.