Shuteye Peak Lookout, Madera County, California, Elevation = 8355 ft.

Located in Sierra National Forest

Shuteye Peak is on Chiquito Ridge northeast of Bass Lake. It is a spectactular location. The last part of Forest Road 6S59 is really rough and only recommended for tough 4WD Jeeps. The lookout is usually staffed seven days during the fire season. The present structure was built in 1967, however there has been some sort of lookout here since 1911, the oldest lookout in the Sierra Nevada. Photo by Richard Carey on September 14, 2010.
An earlier photo of the lookout taken by Fred Johnson on October 9, 2002.
Don Wisseman the lookout on duty in 2002 plays the "The Irish Washerwoman" on his violin. A Lookout Retires - An article about Don Wisseman from the Buck Rock Newsletter.
This is benchmark Shuteye stamped 1950 on a boulder closer to the lookout.
This benchmark is on a large boulder southeast of the lookout building.
A memorial plaque on a boulder to the right side of the road just west of the lookout.
Yet another benchmark on a boulder more to the east of the building. Stamped 8358 feet.
One of five plaques on a big boulder north of the road and west of the lookout.
The above four plaques are also on the big boulder west of the lookout.