Mt. Harkness Lookout, Plumas County, California

Located in Lassen Volcanic National Park, Elevation = 8049 ft.

A view of the south side of Mt. Harkness Lookout. The attractive stone structure was built in 1930. It is staffed during the fire season. During World War II this lookout was used for enemy plane spotting. The lookout is on the National Historic Lookout Register #516. Photo taken July 15, 2012.
An older photo taken by Fred Johnson on July 10, 2001.
You will have to hike to get to the lookout, but as this sign shows it is an easy 1.9 miles to the top on a good trail with a uniform grade. Start at the campground by Juniper Lake.
The survey benchmark is on the south side of the building and was placed in 1948. Data sheet: LT0680