Hot Springs Mountain Lookout, San Diego County, California

Elevation = 6533 ft. (highest point in San Diego County)

On the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation

The Hot Springs Lookout continues to suffer from weather and wind and the cab has now fallen over. Photo from May 2016 by Larry Edmonds.
A view of the abandoned lookout from the highpoint of the mountain and former lookout site which is about 850 feet northeast. The first lookout was a 7 foot square cab built in 1912 on top of a boulder at the highpoint. A larger cab and tower was built further west in 1928. The current structure in this picture was built on the same site in 1942. Photo on June 26, 2011.
The structure is falling apart and is not safe to climb now. This lookout is on the National Historic Lookout Register #753. For pictures of the lookout when it was active visit the Southern California Fire Lookouts Site.
The Hot Springs Mountain Fire Lookout was in run down condition when this photo was taken some years ago. Photo taken by Richard Carey in May, 1986.
This primary bechmark is on top of the concrete slab on a twenty foot high boulder about 850 feet northeast of the abandoned lookout tower. It was placed in 1939. Datasheet: DX4968
An early photo, date unknown, of the original lookout built in 1912. Thanks to John Robinson for providing this photo.