Frazier Mountain Lookout, Ventura County, California, Elevation = 8013 ft.

Located in the Los Padres National Forest

Frazier Lookout has been abandoned for some years and is in bad shape. The road is an easy drive for most vehicles and there is no gate.
Gail Hanna checking out the lookout. This structure may have been built in1934, but USGS data shows that there was a building here in 1926. Photos taken August 3, 2008.
The primary benchmark is missing, probably destroyed by road grading. This is RM#1 near the building. Placed in 1941.
This is a photo of the lookout dated August 13, 1941. Thanks to Jim Glaser for finding this historic photo.
Frazier Mountain Lookout on July 27, 2017.