Bald Mountain Lookout, Fresno County, California, Elevation = 7836 ft.

Located in Sierra National Forest

Bald Mountain is located east of Shaver Lake on a large granite dome. There is an OHV route to the summit that is busy on weekends. If you don't have a suitable vehicle you can hike the road marked 9S43. Photos taken August 9, 2008.
The lookout was last staffed in the summer of 1979 and was then abandoned in October, 1979. You can climb up into the cab. All the windows are broken out. Bald Mountain - This is a two page document from the Forest Service with information about the area and an OHV map of how to get to the summit. This lookout is on the National Historic Lookout Register #823.
Benchmark Shaver is about 200 feet to the north on the highest part of the dome. It was placed in 1950. The elevation of 7836 ft. is at the BM. The lookout tower would be lower. Datasheet: HR2779